The Drivers

2010, A year when outsourcing in Bangladesh is at its peak. Almost everybody is thriving to make a name in the industry. This is when, a graphic designer with an urge to do something on his own, an artist with with core understanding of what an image really is, a marketeer with eyes full of dreams to make his existence felt and an IT expert with vision came together via social media. These guys wanted to make a difference for themselves and the vast community of creatives who depend on offshore designers to deal with immense number of images which require with a touch of class.

The Company

The founders of the company wanted to create something unique, something that would make true difference in the field of outsourcing. Having intense and diverse experience in Photoshop image manipulations and info-tech they set off to create something that is perfect for photographers, e-commerce, web stores and magazines. So they started with looking for creative and experienced designers and a way get them under one roof. After the first six months they succeeded setting up a company and rounding some of the best designers. After this there was no looking back. Starting with just 60 designers, the company now provides work to 150 designers and numerous freelancers. This is what you know as Clyde Pixel Ltd. A company that provides support to more than 60 clients from all around the globe; managing all their image requirements 24/7.

Our Mission & Vision

At Clyde Pixel Ltd, we strive to be the worlds best editor of visual content. Reliability, efficiency and quality are the core values of our company and they are at the heart of everything we do. They apply to the work done by our skilled and committed editing professionals, to our rock solid work flow automation and to our extraordinary customer support. Following our core values has earned us our clients trust. We work hard everyday to keep that trust. And by doing so we help to uphold and improve your image, and your images.


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