Image Masking

Layer Masking is one of the tuff tasks in this sector. It requires great amount of time and dedication to accomplish this task properly. The difficulty level varies from image to image for masking. It does take a lot of time and patience for masking, however there are different tools which can be selected for a particular masking requirement. For example, hair masking is a challenge in image masking that is taken on by only the very best in the field. We have Photoshop tools and techniques to do the most laborious tasks and complete them to perfection.

Mask layers hold a distinct advantage over other forms of masking as they enable to effect a change, which results in the least amount of image distortion. This impressive masking technique can be applied to any object in a faded picture for a professional effect or to end up with an ultra-sharp image for your portal. We review your image before deciding on the masking method to adopt to give an output par excellence!