How To Whiten Teeth With Photoshop



How often do you see a photo of yourself and wish you had whiter teeth? Photoshop CC makes it easy to get those pearly whites with layer adjustments and vibrance.

Go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Vibrance, and reduce the vibrance to -60.

Then, choose the Vibrance Layer in the Layers Panel, and choose Layer Mask.

Next, press Command/Control I to invert, which fills the layer mask to hide the adjustment made to the Vibrance Layer.

Finally, use the Brush Tool with a small, soft-edged brush set at 50% opacity and paint over the teeth that need whitening.

Aside from that we’re gonna show you a easier ways to whiten teeth on photoshop !

Using the Hue/Saturation Tool

Right-click the Lasso Tool and choose select the Polygonal Lasso Tool.


Although teeth are slightly rounded at times, this tool will work great for what we want to do.

Click on a corner of the mouth where the tooth and gum meet, and then move the mouse to a point where you can cover the tooth. Keep moving along the lip or gum (wherever the teeth happen to rest in the photo) until you cover the whole mouth.

Partway through, the canvas should look similar to this:


When the selection is completed, it shall look like this one:


Now right-click in the teeth area and select Refine Edge. Ensure the same lasso tool is still selected when right-clicking.

Slightly adjust the Smooth factor so the selection edges aren’t sharp and unrealistic looking.


Press OK and then head up to the Hue/Saturation item in the Image > Adjustments menu.


The adjustments made in this window will change the tone of the existing color of the teeth. I find this to create the most natural-looking white teeth in Photoshop.

What you want to do is adjust the Hue as a decrease to the point of the teeth making a near red color. Then decrease the Saturation to reduce the red color and bring it to a more white or grey color. Finally, (and be stingy here) increase the Lightness. This last adjustment isn’t always necessary but it does add a nice bright feel to the teeth. Don’t overdo it, as it can easily make the image rather unrealistic.


Our final result when using the Hue/Saturation tool is a quick and easy bright color to an otherwise slightly yellow mouth.


Cool Tip: Press Ctrl+D to quickly deselect a selected image, returning it to a normal appearance.

Photoshop: Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Transform: Change the size of an image, rotate, flip or distort it!

Click Edit > then click Transform > and select the action you desire.

Or try these shortcuts to make life even easier:

Press Ctrl + T on your keyboard and a bounding box will then appear around the image, indicating transformation. This means you can now resize your image. The best way to do so is by placing the cursor on one of the rectangle corners of the box and then dragging the corner while holding the Shift key. When you’re finished just press Enter and you’re done.

To flip your image vertically or horizontally press Ctrl + T and then right click your mouse. A popup window will appear with a few options for rotating and flipping the image. Select the action you want and when you are done press Enter.

To distort or skew an image press Ctrl + T and then place the cursor on whichever corner you want to distort. Press Ctrl while holding your mouse down on whichever corner of the image you’re looking to morph and drag it down to your desired point, finally press Enter to activate.


Background color change- BEFORE & AFTER


Step 1: open up your Photoshop and the picture you want to change the background colour.

Step 2: click the quick selection tool here and use that tool to select the person. if the selection goes out of the person, subtract the selection using this  you can find it at the top of Photoshop


Step 3: after that, at the top of photoshop click refine edge. here

this should pop up.


click the smart radius. after that adjust the radius. mess around with it. after you’ve finish click ok.

Step 4: right click on the picture, select inverse like this  after that click layer>new fill layer>solid color. like this

Step 5:  After that simply click ok without doing anything. After you click ok. this will pop up.


Step 6:  Choose any solid colour you want to fill your background. after you’ve finish click ok.

Step 7:  you’re done! click ‘save’ or ‘save as’.  make sure that you change the format into JPEG.

Top 7 Reasons Why Product Photos Need Editing For E-Commerce Stores

We are living in an era of e-commerce now.  E-commerce business is growing rapidly.  The main reason is that if a customer want to buy something, she or he can choose the product in the comfort of their home.  They have the option to compare it with the other e-stores.  It is not mandatory now to look for a product walking or travelling from store to store.  When they find the product that matches to their necessity and taste, they can order the product online with just few clicks.

But how can they see the products?  Not an intelligent question, right?  The answer is simple, from the product images e-stores display.  Virtually every photo for commercial display need one or the other kind of editing.  Generally speaking, a bright, polished and crisp image catches our attention easily.

For e-commerce websites, to improve the product images using product photo editing techniques is really very important.

The top 7 reasons are –

1. Images Should Be Appropriate In Quality

Photo editing makes an image bright and appropriate for displaying on an e-store.  A product image may need various types of manipulations.  Most common requirements are changing unwanted background, Adding and/or removing objects, color corrections, exposure adjustment, neck joint or ghost mannequin effect for garment products to name a few.  Aside from the image manipulation techniques mentioned, there are numerous techniques and affects you can apply to your product image to make it stand brilliant in the crowd.

2. Visitors See Only The Images Of The Products

Visitors of an e-commerce store can only see the images of the products.  They cannot touch, test or try it like a physical outlet or showroom.  They take their buying decision seeing the pictures, price, and the short specification/description provided on the website.  If the picture is attractive customers go for the further details like price and specifications.  If they feel like they want the product, they places an order for that product

3.  It Is More Applicable For The Garment Products

 Shooting a proper garment product is a bit tricky.  A flat garment hanging on a hanger does not look so appealing.  If the garment is put on a mannequin and then shot, it gives a better look but the mannequin becomes distracting.  But if ghost mannequin or neck joint technique is applied the garment becomes prominent in the picture.  The prospective customer can get better view about the shape and look of the garment.  The label on the neck also becomes more clearly visible.  Ghost mannequin technique is also suitable and excellent for jewelry pictures.  Very often the jewelry pictures are taken after putting it on a jewelry holder mannequin or necklace holder mannequin.  Jewelries look better when there is no mannequin on the picture.  This effect can well be achieved by editing the picture with ghost mannequin/neck joint effect.  Even if the product is shown using a human model; some image improvements, retouching and manipulation is very often necessary.

4.  Visitors Skim Through Dull Images

As a customer we tend to overlook the dull images on the website.  Raw images can convey misconceptions.  A product may be useful and cost-effective, but because of the low quality image it may convey little impact to the buyer.   Even if the product is useful for the customer, there is a great chance that the buyer may skip the product.  On the contrary, we are inclined to stop when the image catches our eyes.  If the image is dull and dark the visitors tend to pass through those products quickly while browsing.  As a result, customers will not click on the product image, so the sale of that product will cease to increase, eventually the web store will be deprived of sell.

5.  Bad Images Will Lower The Impression Of The Web Store

Business is decreasing because of unimpressive images

If a web store contains a lot of low quality product images, ultimately, it may affect the impression of the website and it’s branding.  The competing e-commerce website with glittering pictures will gain more interest of the visitors.  As a result they will be popular than the website which contains lots of dull and gloomy pictures.  To increase the reputation and ranking an image quality assurance team should be there to decide if the product is publishable to the website.  Or, if some editing of the images is required.

6.  Fancy Products

To increase the sale of fancy products, photos of the stuffs should be eye-catching and tempting.  Buyers of decorative and fancy products focuses on the look of the product.  This is why it is important to showcase these types of products brightly, sharply and smartly.  For this kind of items, people tend to order which looks better and attracts them.  While buying fancy products people sometimes get impulsive.  To catch customers’ attention it is wise to display a luminous and attractive picture of the products.

7.  Ultimately Better Images Increase Sell

We all like to see clean, clear, bright and perfect images.  The same thing reflects in the case of product pictures of e-commerce websites.  Delightful images catch our attention and increases sell.  It is better to invest very little money on image editing and enhancement to increase the sell by thousands of units, than to let the product get unnoticed and have thousands of units remain unsold in the warehouse.  The main objective of e-commerce websites is to sell more products to increase the revenue.

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